Absolute BSD: The Ultimate Guide to FreeBSD

Michael Lucas, préface de Jordan Hubbard

No Starch Press
septembre 2002
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53 €
Nombre de pages
Administrateur système, amateur éclairé

Absolute BSD focuses on FreeBSD's features, benefits, and strengths - specifically on using BSD systems as high-performance Internet servers. Designed for new system administrators with basic UNIX knowledge who want to accomplish essential tasks with the FreeBSD operating system, the book's main focus is on FreeBSD, but much of its information is also applicable to OpenBSD and NetBSD. BSD-specific features are covered, such as how to build a high-performance server, secure it, prepare crash dumps, and interoperate with other network servers. A troubleshooting section that addresses problems that a new FreeBSD administrator might encounter is also included.

À propos de l'auteur
Michael Lucas is one of only about 200 FreeBSD committers, a FreeBSD columnist for the O'Reilly Network, and a contributor to Sys Admin Magazine. He has been a pet wrangler, a librarian, a security consultant, and now works as a network engineer and systems administrator. Find out more on his website at www.absolutebsd.com.

Chapitre 18 "SYSTEM PERFORMANCE" [PDF : 378Ko]
Sujets (ou table des matières)
  • Introduction
  • Installation
  • Getting More Help
  • Read this before you break something else!
  • Kernel Games
  • Networking
  • Upgrading FreeBSD
  • Securing Your System
  • Advanced Security Features
  • Too Much Information About /etc
  • Making Your System Useful
  • Advanced Software Management
  • Finding Hosts
  • Managing Small Network Services
  • Email Services
  • Web and FTP Services
  • File Systems
  • RAID
  • System Performance
  • Now what's it doing?
  • System (and Administrator) Crashes and Panics
  • Desktop FreeBSD
  • Afterword
  • Appendix A: Some Useful Sysctl MIBs

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