FreeBSD: The Complete Reference

Roderick Smith

avril 2003
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Administrateur système, amateur éclairé

Here is your complete guide to FreeBSD installation, configuration, and use with full coverage of FreeBSD-specific material such as its own configuration files and kernel. The bonus CD-ROM contains the latest version of FreeBSD.

À propos de l'auteur
Roderick W. Smith is a self-employed computer book author. He is the author of eight other computer books, primarily on Linux, networking, and multi-OS computing.

Chapitre 3 "An Overview of the System" [PDF : 277Ko]
Sujets (ou table des matières)
  • Part I. FreeBSD Installation
    Ch. 1: FreeBSD Requirements
    Ch. 2: System Installation
    Ch. 3: An Overview of the Systemv
    Ch. 4: Co-Existence with Other Operating Systems

  • Part II. Basic System Administration
    Ch. 5: System Administration Tools
    Ch. 6: The System Startup and Control Processes
    Ch. 7: Managing Partitions
    Ch. 8: Managing Files
    Ch. 9: Printer Configuration
    Ch. 10: Managing User Accounts
    Ch. 11: Installing Software
    Ch. 12: Kernel Configuration
    Ch. 13: The X Window System

  • Part III. Network Configuration
    Ch. 14: Basic Network Configuration
    Ch. 15: Dial-Up Networking
    Ch. 16: Principles of Network Clients and Servers
    Ch. 17: Setting Up a Firewall

  • Part IV. Servers
    Ch. 18: File Servers
    Ch. 19: Mail Servers
    Ch. 20: Web Servers
    Ch. 21: Login Servers
    Ch. 22: Miscellaneous Servers

  • Part V. Common User Programs
    Ch. 23: GUI Environments
    Ch. 24: Networking Tools
    Ch. 25: Office Tools
    Ch. 26: Graphics Tools
    Ch. 27: Multimedia and Games

  • Part VI. System Maintenance
    (and more…)
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