CUPS: Common Unix Printing System

Michael R. Sweet

août 2001
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The Common UNIX Printing System is quickly becoming the standard printing solution for Linux. This book provides you with detailed instructions on using, administering, and programming for the Common UNIX Printing System. In addition to the CUPS software, this book includes information and online downloads of many popular add-ons to CUPS that provide enhanced graphical interfaces and printer drivers.

À propos de l'auteur
Michael R Sweet is co-owner of Easy Software Products, a small software firm specializing in Internet and printing technologies. He first started using a computer at the age of 6 and sold his first program at age 12. Michael was first hired as a consultant doing computer graphics while finishing his bachelor's degree in Computer Science at the SUNY Institute of Technology in Utica/Rome, New York. He moved to Maryland shortly after graduating to develop real-time graphics displays for the US military, primarily for flight training, safety, and engineering. After working for the Navy for several years, Michael started Easy Software Products to develop a 3D modeling program for real-time displays called ESP Modeler. The need to print these models led him to develop a second product called ESP Print. It quickly became apparent that ESP Print was the more popular product, and Michael has developed the concepts and technology in ESP Print into the current Commmon UNIX Printing System and ESP Print Pro products his company provides. Michael also actively works on other open source products such as FLTK, Ghostscript, HTMLDOC, and SAMBA.

Sujets (ou table des matières)
  • 1: Using CUPS
    1. Introduction to CUPS
    2. Compiling and Installing CUPS
    3. Setting Up Printers and Classes
    4. Printing with CUPS
    5. Server Configuration
    6. Client Configuration
  • 2: The Internet Printing Protocol
    7. Overview of IPP
    8. Anatomy of an IPP Request
    9. Printer Objects
    10. Job Objects
    11. Subscription Objects
    12. CUPS Extensions to IPP
  • 3: Programming with CUPS
    13. Overview of CUPS Programming
    14. Using CUPS API Functions
    15. Sending IPP Requests Using CUPS
    16. Writing File Filters for CUPS
    17. Writing Printer Drivers for CUPS
    18. Writing Backends for CUPS
    19. Writing Notifiers for CUPS
  • 4: Appendixes
    Appendix A. IPP Reference
    Appendix B. CUPS Constants
    Appendix C. CUPS Structures
    Appendix D. CUPS Functions
    Appendix E. CUPS Software License Agreement
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